Tax Stamp & Traceability News™ is the only source of essential information about tax stamp programmes around the world.

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Whether you are responsible for specifying and managing, enforcing or supplying tax stamp programmes, our comprehensive analysis offers  invaluable insight into and analysis of the latest issues, policies and innovative technologies – insight  that is only available from Reconnaissance. 

First published in January 2009, Tax Stamp & Traceability News has become the authoritative voice for all those involved in combating illicit trade, tax evasion and counterfeiting in tobacco, alcohol and other excisable products.

What Tax Stamp & Traceability News Covers

  • News, comment and analysis on the latest tax stamp programmes and upgrades
  • Policy and regulatory updates
  • Case studies
  • Profiles of the leading organisations involved in specifying and supplying tax stamp systems
  • New technologies for production, authentication, fiscal verification and supply chain security
  • Market projections
  • Systems and solutions of the future

Who Should Read Tax Stamp & Traceability News

  • Treasury departments and revenue agencies
  • Customs and excise officials
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Investigative services
  • Tobacco and alcohol regulators
  • Anti-counterfeiting and IP organisations
  • Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of tobacco and alcohol products
  • Tax stamp system and equipment manufacturers
  • Security printers and integrators
  • Labeling companies and packaging converters
  • Suppliers of security substrates, authentication and serialisation technologies

August 2020

Update on South Africa: Bans and Booming Illicit Trade, Exploiting Systemic Weaknesses

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, South Africa introduced two highly contentious prohibitions, banning the …

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July 2020

When Will the Cannabis Revolution Happen?

As most of us were still figuring out our New Year’s resolutions, cannabis was already …

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June 2020

OpSec’s Equinox: Technology Review

Equinox was adopted by OpSec as the name of its reflective security feature in 2014. …

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“Invaluable insight for all excise professionals, law enforcement, producers and suppliers of tax stamp systems and technologies”



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